Lars Vilhuber

Lars Vilhuber

Managing Principal Investigator for this project. Executive Director of the Labor Dynamics Institute and Senior Research Associate in the ILR School at Cornell University

Release of CED2AR (Metadata management and editing software)

We released CED2AR v2.9.0.0 for download. The software is deployed on our live CED2AR instances as well, including the live demo at New Features The following high level features have been added in this release: New +Create tab in Manage codebooks page. – Allows the user to take a dataset (Stata or SPSS) and generate a basic DDI-C codebook.… Read more →

Census Bureau @ Cornell Seminar Series

CISER and the Labor Dynamics Institute have partnered to invite a number of Census Bureau researchers to present on a variety of topics at Cornell University. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about exciting research done at the largest US statistical agency, research behind the economic, demographic, geographic, sociological data that many applied researchers use in their research. Some… Read more →

A realistic base file for testing privacy-preserving data analysis and publication algorithms

We wanted to make you all aware of a new data asset that the Labor Dynamics Institute, supported by the Sloan Foundation, has now made available. We have built a synthetic population of the United States entirely from public-use data in the American Community Survey. Unlike some of the other synthetic data projects we have undertaken in the past, these… Read more →

Registration opens for the “Synthetic longitudinal business data international user seminar”

In this seminar, we discuss with interested parties the conditions necessary to implement the SynLBD approach, with the goal of providing other statistical agencies a straightforward toolkit to implement the same procedure on their own data. Our hope is that by implementing similar procedures on comparable business microdata, new research both within and across countries can be enabled. The ideal… Read more →

John M. Abowd gives the Julius Shiskin Memorial Award Seminar on Sept 6, 2016

John M. Abowd, NCRN Cornell and now Associate Director for Research and Methodology and Chief Scientist at the U.S. Census Bureau is the2016 Recipient of Julius Shiskin Memorial Award for Economic Statistics. He will speak on September 6, 2016 at the WSS JULIUS SHISKIN MEMORIAL AWARD SEMINAR on “How Will Statistical Agencies Operate When All Data are Private?” Read more →